Spare parts sales within the European Union

1. Sales
At the time of order the agreement of sales is made first after an e-mailed order confirmation. The mail send at time of order is without human control and is only a reply of given order.

2. Price
In the price the VAT is included.

3. For orders outside Sweden, we take a service fee of 10 Euro.

4. Delivery time
Normal delivery time is 1 – 3 working days after received order. If an order includes some part marked “Temporarily out of stock ” we will by e-mail inform you the estimated delivery time and ask you if you want separate deliveries or wait for a complete delivery.

5. Delivery methods
Letter by post
This can only be used for minor weight and volume items.

Parcel by post
This is our normal delivery method.
As the cost will change due to weight and volume we can not add this to the total in the web shop.
The cost of transportation will be included in the e-mailed confirmation.

6. Payment
All orders including transportation cost have to be pre-paid.
Payment can be done direct to our bank account or by the credit card MasterCard or Visa. You will receive an e-mailed confirmation of delivery time and total cost inclusive transportation within a few working days.

7. Colours
Colours of painted plastic covers are marked with Baotian colour code as below.

Colour code Baotian English description
BT002 Chinese black
BT008 Silver
BT012 Cherry red
BT014 Skye blue
BT015 Black
BT022 White
BT024 Shining Blue
BT028 Crystal red
BT077 Camelion
BT147 Orange
BT302 Sandy red
BT320 Sandy black

These are only a rough description of colours and if in doubt ask your importer/dealer for the correct colour code. The responsibility for correct colour order is s olely on the customer.